Nutella is actually bad for you

Picture on the right is the ingredient of Nutella: the big white thing on top? Sugar, the yellow thing under it? Palm oil. That VERY thin layer, almost invisible is cocoa powder and powdered hazelnut. 

A couple of days ago, I was hanging out with a couple of friends of mine, and one of them was drinking a milkshake that was made of 6 scoop of ice cream, milk, whipped cream and chunks of coconut chocolate. He told me that he was trying to gain weight (he’s one of those people with an extremely fast metabolism). A friend, nutrition student, overheard us and immediately joined the conversation. He told me that the two easiest way to gain weight was by either drinking your calories (you won’t feel as full as eating them) or taking everyday two large tablespoons of Nutella. It reminded of a research I did for a class, last year, and I thought that I should share some of the information with all of you Nutella lovers: 

Last February, Athena Hohenberg, in California, filled a lawsuit against Nutella manufacturers, Ferrero USA, Inc, claiming they misled her by suggesting the fattening chocolate/hazelnut spread is part of a “tasty yet balanced breakfast.” She was searching for healthy foods to serve her family for breakfast and was fooled by Nutella label and picture of fresh fruit/whole wheat bread/orange juice, as well the website imagery and the TV commercials of the skinny suburban blonde mom feeding her skinny kids Nutella for breakfast. All of this led her to believe that it was part of a healthy meal (are you an idiot?).   

To all of you who do not know this, ADVERTISING IS MISLEADING. 

Did you know that Nutella is 60% SUGAR AND PALM OIL. Not only is palm oil really unhealthy and very high in saturated fats, but its production is a danger to nature. Nutella contains less than 10% of hazelnut and cocoa powder. 

We can’t ban Nutella from the stores, but we should raise awareness about the risks of obeisty if consuming as little as one tablespoon a day, as it contains about 150 calories from which 60% is sugar and fat.

Do you want that crap in your body? Do you? 

If you don’t believe me, here are some references: 
Nutella Settles Lawsuit For $2.5 Million, Admits Chocolate Spread Isn’t Healthy
NUTELLA : Sa composition est un danger pour la santé
Why Nutella Is Not Healthy (& A Recipe for Better-Than-Nutella Creamy Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread)

There are many, many more. Just google “Nutella unhealthy”, “Nutella fat”…  Don’t trust the internet? Ask a doctor


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