Five year old victim

I was deeply disturbed by a piece of news I read today on The Guardian: a five year old rape victim died, 11 days after the attack. The young Indian girl was living in the of state of Madhya Pradesh. The psychopath lured her into his trap by offering to buy her bananas at a nearby store. The girl suffered cardiac arrest. The man, a family friend, has been arrested. 
It’s very sad that events like this still occur despite the fact that we live in the 21st century. One must be deranged to even find a five year old girl sexually appealing, or to even check out a five year old. 

However, Indian have started to speak up about these sort of incidents, such as the 23 year old women who was raped by five men on a moving bus, before dumping her bleeding body on the side of the road. Sadly, she died from her injuries. Women are demanding their rights! Rape shouldn’t be treated like a banal matter. 

Did you know? In Lebanon, if the man who raped a women accepts to marry her, he won’t be judged. Nice, huh?  

Read the full story:


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