Sit-in for Love, Respect and Equality!

   Do you recall the incident that happened in Dekwaneh on April 20th? The police abruptly went into a nightclub called “Ghost”, under the orders of the mayor of Dekwaneh, Antoine Chaktoura, and arrested a bunch of people (Lebanese and Syrian nationalities) for no legal reason whatsoever. At this point, I must remind you that it was LGBT party. They later forced them to undress and kiss each other, then they took pictures of them and humiliated them. M. Chaktoura claimed that it was a disgrace to have transexuals (does he even know what a complex issue it is already?) and homosexuals roaming around in the street of Dekwaneh.

   Rest assure, this was not taken lightly by the rest of the open-minded and tolerant Lebanese population. As a matter of fact, Helem Lebanon organized a peaceful sit-in at the gate of the Palace of Justice (what justice?) demanding equal rights for the LGBT community.

   I fully support gay rights: they are normal (what normal, anyway?) human beings, just like everyone else. Sadly, knowing the mentality of the Lebanese government and the power of the religious figures they have on it, I do not think that LGBT will have equal rights anytime soon, if ever. It saddens me to have to right such a thing, but I have to tell it like it is.  Civil marriage was legalized a couple of months ago, after a long and hard battle. That was a huge step already. 

For more information about the NGO, check out their facebook page:
Or check out this article, published in L’Orient Le Jour about the events that took place:

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