Teacher’s Day with MMKN

   At the end of 2012, I was introduced to an NGO called MMKN. Their aim is to spread knowledge and raise awareness in different communities all over Lebanon.

   One of their program consists of tutoring students in public schools in the classes of Ninth grade, or Troisieme in French. At the end of that school year, students have to take a test called “Brevet Libanais”, a test that all the students all over the country have to take. It’ll determine if you can move on to the next class or be held back. Sadly, due to the terrible educational system in Lebanon, and the really low salary of the teachers (10$ an hour, transportation not included) the students are not motivated to learn and study. A lot of them end up failing the class and either repeat the year as many times as they have to or just drop out of school.

   I was really interesting in the program because I enjoy helping other people and giving back to the community. So I signed up, and every other week I teach French to a school called Shakib Erslan, located in Beirut. I remember at the beginning of the year, most of the students didn’t care about learning to speak French and were completely demotivated. But after repeating to them an endless amount of times how beautiful the French language is and what a privilege it is for them to be able to fluently speak three languages, their interest started to grow. Today, they are fighting in class over who is going to read the text out loud or who is going to answer the question.

   I advise everyone to check out the work of MMKN, because what they do is truly amazing.

   Here are some pictures of me at the Teacher’s Day brunch held at the Lebanese American University.

Receiving my goodie bag from Mrs Ghada Feghali, one of the directors of MMKN.

Group photo of all the volunteer teachers from all over Lebanon


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