Year Offline

A year ago, on 30 April 2012, technology journalist Paul Miller disconnected from the internet completely and went on to spend an entire year offline—two days ago, his year-long break from virtual connectivity came to an end and he is ready to tell us about his internet-free journey.

Throughout the year, Miller has documented his life without the internet—something that many people in today’s tech-obsessed world will think is an impossible venture—on The Verge.

Having decided to leave the internet to “find the real Paul”, he came to the conclusion that “there’s a lot of ‘reality’ in the virtual, and a lot of ‘virtual’ in our reality”—more importantly, he realized that our “modern problems” have lesser to do with the internet than we will think.

Read more about Miller’s fascinating insights about living solely offline over here or watch the video below to find out more about his “idyllic journey of self-discovery”. 


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