Notre Dame du Haut model D-O-N-E

  Everyone said it was impossible and that we (my teamate and I) would never be able to do it.. We proved them wrong

   I have to admit it was A LOT of work and very exhausting. But I’m kind of satisfied with the result. It may not be perfect, but bare in mind that this is one of the hardest and most complex work of architecture. The hardest part was definitely the roof: it was what scared me the most, and that’s why I decided to divide it into three parts (the top and the two sides).

   It was made of 1mm cardboard, painted using white and brown acrylic paint. The top of the towers were made from sand-papered foam, covered with newspaper and white glue, painted white.

   I definitely feel encouraged to continue building models during the summer. This was a very interesting project and I got a 3D realistic view of this masterpiece.

   So, thank you Le Corbusier for making this. And a big thank you to La Fondation Corbusier for providing us the handmade plans (drawn by Le Corbusier himself, wow!), pictures and informations.

Location: RonchampHaute-Saône,France

Affiliation: Roman Catholic
Groundbreaking Year: 1952
Year completed: 1955
Architect: Le Corbusier


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