Pitt nº5

   When the new ad of Chanel nº5 starring Brad Pitt came out, people were going to make a parody out of it: it was inevitable. I mean it was such an easy target: you have Pitt, who’s just standing there during 30seconds, saying a bunch of meaningless mumbo-jumbo that sounds like they used thesaurus on every word. Of course, it’s in black and white, to emphasize the drama and seriousness of the situation.. And the lighting.. Oh the lighting: dark then light… Was it shot next to a very active railroad and there’s a train passing every other second?He tried to look casual, with his hair thrown back… Whatever he was paid was definitely not worth doing this to yourself.. Only way to watch it, is to put mute and just enjoy his pretty face..

The real video

   So check this out, out of all the parodies that were made, this is probably my favorite one, by Leif Garret

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