Anyone remotely familiar with street art knows about the anonymous Banksy.  No one has ever seen him, hell there has even been some rumors about his arrest and identity reviled. Banksy has very socio-political tags. He criticizes in a rather humorous and poetic way. He revealed the true aspect of society, the one hidden by the media, the money and the political authorities. His street art remains visually quite simple to get his message through. 

   Sadly, a couple of weeks ago, one his artwork, Slave Labour, a spray-painted artwork depicting a child making union flag bunting and seen as a critical social commentary on last year’s diamond jubilee was mysteriously removed from Northern London street (Yes, someone ripped apart a piece of the wall). It was originally stenciled on the side of a thrift store in London where it received considerable attention from locals and street art fans. It provoked a lot of anger in Haringey residents and they campaigned for artwork to be returned. 

   Back in February, it was excepted to be sold for $700 000 US dollars in a street and contemporary art in Miami, FloridaBut auctioneer Frederic Thut, the owner of the Fine Arts Auction Miami art house, who had refused all week to divulge the identity of the seller or how it came to be listed for sale through his gallery, announced that the piece, along with a second work by the secretive British street artist, had been withdrawn due to pressure from an organized international campaign. 

   However, the piece was sold over the weekend at a private auction held by London-based company named Sincura Group. It was worth $1.1 million US dollars. This group specialized in finding hard to find pieces, or to speak truthfully there unobtainable items, for clients sold to unnamed buyer . 

Where the artwork used to be


Amongst others, this is one of the atrocities that people with money can do: privatize something that belonged to the people. Banksy ALWAYS refused to work privately, for the money. He knows that more people walk in the street than go to a museum. This is where the true beauty of Banksy lies: in the fact that his art is accessible to everyone and not meant to be placed in a home. 

   Will it hide in a private home forever never to be seen again?


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