The last Sony game-related item I bought was a PSP for Christmas. I just saw the picture in a catalogue and I thought, okay this is cool, I want this. 

This week, Sony revealed its hotly anticipated
Isn’t it beautiful?

   Sony chief executive Andrew House gave the audience the first glimpse of the PS4 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, hailing it as a console of ‘unparalleled power’.
   It came hours after Microsoft revealed that its new XBox One games console will set gamers back $499 in the US and £429 in the UK when it launches in November.  It will only cost 399$ in the US £349 in the UK. 

And the price announcement wasn’t the only shot fired at Microsoft during Sony’s presentation at the trade show.

   The audience went crazy at the company’s event show came when Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, announced that the company would not try to restrict used game sales. Tretton was making reference to Microsoft’s plans to restrict second-hand game sales on its Xbox One console.

   During its own E3 event earlier in the day, Microsoft  confirmed that every game bought for the Xbox One must be installed to the system and linked to the user’s profile.

   The games can then be played on other consoles, but the user will have to access it through a cloud server each time. Other people’s profiles can play games on a user’s console at any time, and up to ten family members can log in and play shared games on other systems, but not at the same time.

   I’m not much of a gamer, but the most appealing part of the PS4 was the design. They ditched the curved edges of the PS3, which was personally my least favorite PS, and went back to the classic straight lines with distinctive corners and sides. However, they maintained the use of mate and glossy plastic, which I think is an interesting twist. 

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