They see kids rollin’

   Just when you thought that the Tokyo Toy Show couldn’t get any cooler, the Japanese automobile brand Toyota revealed the Camatte57s, a family-friendly and electric-powered toy car that can be driven by kids. 

   A fun aspect of this concept-car is that it’s highly customizable thanks to 57 small and lightweight detachable panels that make up the exterior. You could end up with either a beach buggy-like cruiser or an open-topped sports car. This makes it entertaining for kids who get bored of their toys pretty quickly. The car can fit up to 3 people and the pedals can be adjusted so kids can drive. Stretching 118 inches in length, the tiny Camatte57s is nearly three feet shorter than the Toyota Yaris 3-door hatchback. They thought of everything and arranged a parent seated in the right rear to assist with the steering and the brakes.

The Toyota Camatte57s is an electric-powered toy car that can be driven by kids or adults.

   Toyota got inspired from the American movies where the father and his son build a race car for some school competition. Their motive was to bring the family closer by having them build cars. The company’s intention isn’t to hand kids their cars, but to create an activity (putting the car together, but also driving it) that could be enjoyed by kids and adults. Parents, don’t worry, it won’t break any speed limits. The performance from the electric motor is kid friendly, so slow enough to please parents. It just looks racy, but the speed limit barely reaches two-digits!
   Moreover, the Toyota car business has been slow, and the company believes that this will boost sales. 
   The Camatte57s toy car is on display June 13-16, at the Tokyo Toy Show.


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