Playmobil, en avant les histoires

Over the years, I have developed an obsession with Playmobil,  a line of toys produced by the Brandstätter Group and invented by German inventor Hans Beck.

Santa Baby..

 I was first introduced to them when I was a child: my parents got me one (sadly neither me nor my parents can remember what it was) and I have ever since been in love with them. I didn’t have money of my own, so I could only ask for Playmobil on my birthday, Christmas, Easter or when I got good grades in school. But when I became old enough, I started doing my own shopping, without anyone’s approval. Whenever I would walk by a toy store, I would get in, and come out with at least two Playmobil boxes. My craziest purchase must have been when I went to Syria in 2003: I arrived to Damascus with my family, we dropped our bags off at the hotels and went around the neighborhood to take a look. I found a Playmobil shop in a little corner. But it was closed because the owner was out for lunch. So I waited. I refused to move (you know how parents are: don’t worry, we’ll come back! But we never do). So I waited. Luckily, the owner didn’t take long. I went in and got myself 5 big boxes.. It was a fun walk home..

People always ask me, why Playmobil, why not Lego. I could never get myself to like Lego. I felt it was to scientific: you only play with them to build stuff. Playmobil was more of a story-telling kind of game and I preferred that. I do have lots of respect for people that are able to build with Legos, but I have much more respect for the designers over at Playmobil. 
Like many other things in design, the beauty in Playmobil lies in the simplicity. Less is more, and they know that. No matter how crazy the theme is (circus or futuristic), there is a certain harmony between all the designs. 
Alll Aboard!

The last time I purchased a Playmobil was about two weeks ago. I spent at least 30 minutes in the toy store, feeling those new secret bags that they have to avoid getting the same toy again (I don’t mind but I have a collection to fill). So yeah, I collect Playmobil now. I don’t play with them, but they add a very nice touch to my bedroom. 

Princess and the frog

In October 2011, I got a tattoo on my neck that says “en avant les histoires…” It’s the slogan of Playmobil, but it’s also something I strongly believe in. Life is a bunch of adventures and it’s crucial to be creative in everything that you do. It’s the key to success. 

It was only recently that the women started to wear bathing suits

 Contemporary house
 The princesses 
 Holmes and Winston

Playmo-ception: they actually have Noah’s Arc for real-life children 

 The King of Rock n Roll
Beach weather 

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