Summer project

   One of the best things about summer, is that you have all the time in the world to focus on yourself and on the things you love.You can draw, read, watch movies, go to the beach/mountains, sleep in.. Whatever floats your boat.

   I decided this summer to focus on my creativity and artistic skills (No, I am not calling myself an artist, I just want to draw and paint).  I am taking advanced drawing classes (drawing the human body). This is because I want to become better at illustrations and animations.. But I also plan on building architectural models. If you recall, I spent all of may building a model of Le Corbusier’s Notre-Dame du Haut. I was satisfied with the result. But I know that if I work hard, I will get better.

   I am still doing some research on which buildings to choose. I enjoy Louis Kahn’s roughness, but you gotta love the Eames! The world of architecture is complex and wide, I have to narrow it down or classify my options.

   In the meantime, I am open to suggestions!

I leave you with the work I did on June 24:


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