Watermelon Oreo… Why?

watermelon oreo

   For their Summer 2013 Collection, Oreo has come up with a new variety.. Hang on to your seats: WATERMELON OREOS. It’s composed of two vanilla wafers and a bright green and pink filling. Oreo spokesperson Kimberly Fontes told Time that they chose this flavor because it’s a “fun, summer flavor”.
   The snack has been on sale since June 10, at Target, in the USA. It will be available for a limited time only and costs around 3$ a box.
   Personally, I would not eat that. I don’t even eat the plain black and white Oreo. Moreover, I don’t understand fruit flavored cookies, I mean when you can have an actual piece of watermelon, why put your body through that and take in all that crap. I am sure it tastes like actual watermelon with all the artificial flavors used.
   Let’s hope it won’t be considered a fruit, just like Americans consider pizza a vegetable. 


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