Louis Vuitton Street Fashion

   For the autumn-winter 2013-2014 collection, Louis Vuitton has assigned three emerging street artist, the Indonesian, Eko Nugroho, the British, Eine and the Franco-tunisian, El Seed, to express their vision on the giant square. These new collaborations alongates this world tour in the street of cities that Louis Vuitton has started last year with Aiko, Retna et Os Gemeos, who have already collaborated with contemporary artists such as Stephen Sprouse, Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami and Richard Prince.

   By mixing pop and urban to traditional Indonesian patterns, Eko Nugroho comes up a mythic creature with colors voluntarily detonating colors on a geometric background of blue mountains and khaki. 

   Inspired by the heritage of Louis Vuitton, Eine express the excitement of travelling in words and colors, printing capital letter with eye-catching tones of the expression “Great adventures” on a black background.

   Inspired by Arabic calligraphy, El Seed imagined the graceful convolutions of this ancient art superimposed on the pattern of monogram. Half of the work is tinted fuchsia and the other half discreetly reveals rather than conceals the iconic Louis Vuitton pattern.


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