AUG 21 – Psychedelic Paris

   The neighborhood of Montmartre in the north of Paris is one the most beautiful places in the city. Because it’s very high, once you get to the top you can appreciate the beautiful view. The top means the Basilica of Sacre Coeur, which means it’s bombarded with tourists, pickpockets and people trying to sell you weird crap (a ribbon bracelet for 10 Euros, lol? Or some Eiffel Tower). But anyways, there’s this wonderful museum called Halle Saint Pierre. They always have these very psychedelic, raw and modern pop art. The place itself is pretty cool, it looks like an old renovated warehouse. 

   The exhibition I went to was Hey! Modern Art & Pop Culture Part II. In 2011, the museum of Halle Saint Pierre in association with HEY! modern art and pop culture to present an exhibition that presents XXI century artists, a sum up of the alternative artistic scene. It’s a mixture of seditious figures of lowbrow art and surrealism, revisiting the heritage of the big traditional pictures, activist of street art and tattoo. Part II follows in the footsteps and aims to carry on the tradition of exsposing these bursts of individual or collective voices that the dominating culture has, for a long time, deformed and ignored. The artists, from different periods/generations, have escaped poverty and one-dimensional reality. The aim of this exhibition is to bring to light the underground affinities that link them together. The works originate from European avant-guarde artists and from American counter-culture. They were many techniques used for the various works: paintings (acrylic, watercolor, oil, china ink…), sculptures, installations (with movement and noises)… 
   It was different from anything I’ve ever seen. There were some psychedelic works,  It was forbidden to take pictures, so I wrote down the names of some of the works that I thought were interesting. 
I’m Joe’s fears of disease
The Hunting Party
Heather Nevay

De Genuina Fiera Contemporánea

Potential for Reciprocity
Deutsche Litteraturgeschichte
Secret Babylon 

Skinned ram’s head

La pieuvre
Felicien Hops
Kill Ken More
Psychedelic poster by Alton Kelly (1966-1969)
   There were many more artists, but I couldn’t fit them all, so I’ll just share their name: Suckadelic, Winsor McCay, Hello monsters, Jack Kirby, Angelo Di Marco, Amanda Smith, Jim Woodring… Check them all out, totally worth it!
   If you are in Montmartre, I advise you to get away from the very tourist areas at lunch time, and hit the 17 arrondissement to a small little restaurant called Mum Dim Sum, where you can enjoy their delicious dumplings (suitable for vegetarians).

Mum Dim Sum
14 Boulevard de Courcelles
75017 Paris

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