AUG 21 – Relax with Patrick Roger

   It’s very probable that after three days of walking everywhere, and I mean everywhere (North to South, East to West, South East to North West), from 11am to 6pm, you need to take one day, relatively, off. By that I mean, leave at 1pm and come back at 5pm. That’s fine when you are on vacation in a city that you know very well.

   We used this day off to do some shopping and get the things were asked to get. Amongst which, is chocolate from Patrick Roger. One thing I cherish more than food and become really critical about is the presentation of the food itself in the store. It’s the main reason I would actually bother going into a shop. Good interior design/packaging design/shop window is what will distinct you from the shop next door who has basically the same stuff as you.

   Identifiable from afar thanks to his trademark turquoise and black logo, getting just a glimpse of his minimalist shop window will make you want to go inside and explore the rest. Food is part of the French culture. Chocolate is an even bigger part of their culture. Patrick Roger is a chocolate artist. Yes, an artist. I’ve tasted chocolate from France, Belgium or Switzerland. But his chocolate is really something. The taste of cocoa is so naturally present with no added “crap” to enhance it. They offer a wide variety of chocolate whose cocoa beans have been cultivated in different regions of the world: Ghana, Venezuela, Ecuador, Madagascar, Peru… Aside from the delicious chocolate he creates, he also makes chocolate sculptures. He has a beautiful collection of African Chocolate Masks, that I personally would not dare eat. They also beautiful packaging; again, very minimalist, either a metal black box with a thin turquoise line on the side and the logo written on top in the middle, or a turquoise box. If you are not in Paris, check out his work online, right here!

   I’ve heard about their boutique on Place de la Madeleine designed by X-tu Architectecs, but I couldn’t stop and look around because I was late for a meeting. Let me share with you pictures I found online of the interior, simply breathtaking:


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