AUG 28 – Birthday

   You know it’s a good day when you are in New York and it’s your birthday. I don’t usually care about my birthday, so I don’t tend to throw these big ass parties. So I went on with my day as planned and started out at the Museum of Art and Design, on Columbus Circle. The building was designed by Edward Durell Stone, in 1956, but redesigned by Brad Cloepfil, in 2008.

   The collection displayed contemporary objects in a variety of media: clay, glass, metal, fiber and wood. The exhibition we got a chance to attend, Against the Grain, concerned wood, in contemporary art, craft and design. The 90 installations/furniture/objects, by 57 artists and designers from around the world, explored the most innovative and technical trends in wood-working, and how craftsman and designers integrate postmodernism with wood-working. You can see that the designers really had fun when it came to shape, the relation between function and form… 
   Check out some of my favorite pieces:

Mark Moskovitz 

Nest (Chair)
Nina Brunn 
Tea Ceremony Chair 
Hiroki Takada 
Yuya Ushida
Cock Fight 
Sofia Maldonaldo 
Enignum Shelf
Joseph Welsh

Who is the true terrorist?
Barthelemy Toguo 

Cinderella Table 
Jeroen Verhoeven

   In the afternoon, I went to Barnes And Nobles, one of my favorite spots in New York. It’s the only place where everyone comes together for one purpose only, to read. You pick out a couple of books that you know you will never buy, sit in your corner, and let time fly. A couple of hours later, I was tired that I ended up purchasing a book to read on the subway (or at home), Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller. I feel that drama is always a safe way to go when it comes to reading. The play focuses on a Willy Loman, a salesman who spent his life living by the American way. Somehow, he lost all his earnings and respect. At the age of 63, he searches for the moment his life took a wrong turn, the moment that destroyed his relationship with his wife and his son. 
   As the title of this post suggest, it was my birthday. My sister and a bunch of her friends took me to this adorable Indian restaurant in Lower East Side of Manhattan, called Panna II, check it out:

   Oh and did I mention the kickass party afterwards? Le Bain, the penthouse/rooftop of the Standard Hotel, in the Meat-Packing District? With a 360 degree view over New York? Yeah.


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