A little Manhattan in your kitchen

 Are you tired of your same old dish rack? How creative is it getting? Sorry Georges Costanza, dish racks are the only things that haven’t changed in the history of the world..


But fear no more! Luca Nichetto has you covered! The Italian designer has revealed at the New York Design Week 2014 his silicone dish rack/desk organizer shaped like a 3D model of Midtown Manhattan, for design brand Seletti.


Just like any good designer, Nichetto got inspired from useless banalities around him. While visiting Seletti’s office, he noticed an object on the desk, a scale model of Manhattan, something purely decorative. That’s how he got the idea “to create something that played with the surreal proportions of the miniature metropolis”, he claims.Inception-dish-rack-by-Luca-Nichetto_dezeen_sq


He then took the form and created a silicone object. NY’s endless skyscrapers are used to support plates and other large dishes or stationary items. Whereas glasses cover buildings like the Simpsons movie.


He named it Inception refers to a scene in the 2010 Christopher Nolan film about infiltrating and manipulating dreams, which shows Paris folding onto itself as if made of rubber. Pink, blue and grey versions are available.


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