Psychedelic carpet in the 13th century

One upon a time, or in 1240, a caste was built in Southern Italy, more precisely on the top of a grand green hill in the Apulia region. Castel Del Monte‘s marble interior was removed in the 18th century and all that was left behind was this castle made of stone. This big, empty, rustic place was perfect for French digital artist Miguel Chevalier’s Magic Carpets. The landscape looks almost surreal.

What is it?

It’s an interactive digital animation of medieval tapestries mixed with modern psychedelic colors, waves and shapes projected from above unto the castle’s octagonal floor. There is also a juxtaposition of psychedelic animations to enhance the effect. The beautifully magical carpet has been on a tour for some time: it was previously presented on the floors of the Sacré Coeur in Morocco. Chevalier explains in the video description that he was intrigued by the “tradition of the mosaic which has a strong presence in Italy and which prefigures the pixel.” Like at the Sacré Coeur, the pixels in the projection move with the music to form lava- and amoeba-like movements and shapes, which react to the movements of the visitors walking on it. So that lava-lamp you had as a kid that always intrigued you? Enjoy, you can now walk on it.. But with a much more evolved technology and effects.


“This world of colors and shapes in movement takes us, as in a giant kaleidoscope, on an imaginary, poetic voyage,” describes Chevelier. To top it all off, the music by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi takes you on a whole other level of auditive futuristic void.

The contrast between the location and the artwork is mesmerizing and perhaps the most intriguing part of the installation. Being away from the city, in such a natural environment and surrounded with History permits you to clear your mind, let go and just give in to psychedelic, futuristic work. 3e17b00f30a6e666477e979139b83628

Check out the video right here and prepare to be mesmerized.

The images were taken via his website, that you can also check out here


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