Duo Raw, Scandinavia like you’ve never seen it before

When i tell you Sweden, Finland or Norway, what’s the first thing you think of? Sleek design, minimalism.. The list of synonyms can go on. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think they are a party capital of the world.

But two peeps are about to change that, meet Duo RAW.

These guys are on to something. The Raw Boys Andreas Kiss Nilsson and Ronny Willberg Johansson met 5 years ago, online and fell madly in love. Duo RAW “was born of an itch they had to scratch, a creative outlet where everything is possible. The goal is to have fun, entertain, get entertained, take over the world.  anything is possible. And ofcourse be flawless in their very own special haute couture made with a creative mind, sharp needles and a hell lot of talent.”.

I mean seriously, check out their collection, it’s insane. It’s successful melange of Lady Gaga, meets Alexander McQueen, meets Jean Paul Gaultier meets a glitter and spikes factory.

It’s shiny, colorful, daring and very raw.  The work with the fabric is interesting: they took something as banal as denim and turned it into something completely different by using both sides of the fabric. The face is always hidden, rather by shiny diamond-y or fabric-matching masks. A hidden face adds to the effect of the costume. The final touch is the make-up: the dark eyes seem like a must with the costumes. Dark and sensual all together.

There’s a lot more on their website, I urge you to go check it out: www.duoraw.com

Denim Look, taken by Patrik Olsson

Denim Look, taken by Patrik Olsson



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