Moving Backwards

I would first of all like to apologize on behalf of the tolerant Lebanese people on what has happened last Saturday night, in Dekwaneh, Lebanon. Please know that this is not a belief shared by all the residents of Dekwaneh or the country for that matter. 

In case you do not understand Arabic, let me sum up the story for you: there was an LGBT party in a nightclub in the Beiruti suburbs. There was a police stake-out and they shut the bar down. Many people were arrested. Once at the police station, they were asked to take off  their clothes so the police could check if they were boys or girls (because they couldn’t tell with their clothes on (anyway, what do you care?)). Once they checked, they took pictures of them. The man speaking used the term “louteh”, which is equivalent to “queer” in English. 

Words cannot express how disgusted I am by this behavior. These men have no respect for people who do not share the same sexual orientation as them. They are probably suppressing their true feelings and preferences due to social pressure, which wouldn’t really surprise me.

While France is legalizing gay marriage, “Marriage Pour Tous”, Lebanese police is arresting LGBT’s for living their lives without bothering anyone. 

I am truly sorry things like this are still happening. 

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